CNC Routing

This (in-progress) page is intended to serve as an introduction to the basics of CNC routing for students interested in using CNC routers at Tufts. At the moment, Bray Lab's ShopBot CNC Router is the only one available for students to complete personal or school-related projects.

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Laser Cutting

This handbook covers everything you need to know about laser-cutting stuff at Tufts. Laser-cutting is, for the most part, two-dimensional. You can either cut through something or etch a nice drawing on the top. You can't easily sculpt the material to your liking. For that, the CNC milling machine…

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This handbook will get you up to speed on the basics of the National Instruments myRIO, including initial setup, hardware, software, and configuration. (image: hardware.png size: medium title: myRio Attachments caption: This image shows the hardwa…

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3D Printing

3D printers are like really fancy glue guns; they extrude molten plastic filament from their nozzle into exactly the right place, and then rapidly cool it down into a hardened shape. The printer slowly adds layer upon laye…

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Computer-aided Design (CAD)

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is how engineers and designers bring their ideas to life. It is a virtual three dimensional drawing software. There are lots of popular CAD software products but they all work on the same basic principles. There are lots of CAD software on the market. …

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The following guide will show you the basics of the LabVIEW programming environment. LabVIEW programs are called Virtual Instruments (shortened to VIs). When you create a new VI you will see two windows. The grey background is called the front panel, this is the user interface. The second (white) wi…

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This video-based handbook will introduce and explore each component of the LEGO EV3 MINDSTORMS kit, and provide some strategies/techniques that should help you create EV3 robots more effectively. …

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Virtual Bench

This handbook contains Virtual Bench tutorials and activities. The following guide will walk you through the basic capabilities of your virtual bench and the basics of measuring signals. When you plug in and turn on the virtual bench it should autom…

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