Tufts Robotics Club

Since its inception in 2010, Tufts Robotics Club has aimed to bring together students who are interested in robotics and eager to learn and apply new engineering skills through hands-on tutorials and projects. Our club participates in several competitions throughout the year, including the Trinity Fire Fighting Robot Contest and the Intel-Cornell Cup, as well as other noncompetitive projects.

As part of our mission, the club offers tutorials for incoming members – no prior programming or robotics experience is required!

Meetings take place Fridays from 3-5:30pm in Bray Lab's Mechatronics Lab.



Bloombot is an autonomous hydroponic gardening system. We designed and built Bloombot for the 2009 RICC competition at WPI. Check out the Bloombot Wiki, [slides from our presentation](http://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B8AGtzEPL1XpZDY3NGYyOWMtMTQ4ZC00OTM1LWE1NjAtO…

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De-lux & Irrelephant

Makers: Quinn Wongkew, Riley Wood, Brook Nichols, Zack Pagel De-Lux and Irrelephant are the Tufts Robotics Club's latest entries into the Trinity Firefighting competition of Spring 2014 held by Trinity College. The goal of the competition is to design and build a robot capable of na…

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The Jumbonator

Jumbonator is a 12lb battlebot designed by Jon Gowa, CAD'd by Will Langford, and built by the two of them. It first competed at Motorama 2009 and later the same year at the Franklin Cup. To our knowledge is the only hobby-weight pneumatic flipper in the Northeast Region. For Motorama 2010 we rede…

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Jumbo Shrimp v1.0

Jumbo Shrimp v1.0 is our new experimental robot. It uses an omni-directional drive that allows it to move in any direction while maintaining the same orientation/heading. Jonah took the lead on this and used cardboard prototypes to test the robot's feasibility until eventually settling on the final …

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Precipitating Pachyderm v2.0

The Precipitating Pachyderm v2.0 is more or less the same as last year's robot but has a new smaller/lighter extinguishing system and totally redesigned electronics. Work was done to filter and calibrate sensors for better precision and to achieve better robustness and reliability. We first took …

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This was a relatively short project in which we designed and 3D printed mini-sumo robots. They will be featured in a Tufts web communications video. Future work lies in iterating the design a few more times and assembling kits to sell to raise funds for more club projects. See the [working wik…

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Precipitating Pachyderm v1.0

This was the Tufts Robotic's Club entry for the Trinity Fire Fighting Robot Competition in 2010. Google Docs Folder with working documents (these are the source documents for what's shown below)…

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Trinity College Firefighting Robot Contest Recap

This past weekend, five Robotics Club members went out to Trinity College to compete in the annual Firefighting Robot Contest. We did pretty well too! We maintained our title as Olympiad champions: (image: IMG_…

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Weekend of Making

Two weeks ago, the Tufts Robotics Club helped put on “The Weekend of Making” as part of the Tufts Maker Network. The event was packed, with everyone participating in workshops that revolved around learning by making. You can read more abou…

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Fall Semester Wrap-up

Fall semester has been a busy one for the robotics club! We kicked off our two projects for the year in September: the Firefighting Robot Competition, and the Intel Cornell Cup. For the Firefighting Robot Competition, club members are building self-driving r…

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Drone Flying

(Comment here) Finals stressing you out? Take a study break with the Robotics Club and help break in our new IRIS+ quadcopter drone! If you didn’t get a chance to fly it at our meeting last Friday, this will be a great opportunity. We’ll …

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Free Onshape CAD Workshop

Come to this free workshop and learn how to model 3D objects and systems using Onshape, the completely free, online CAD program! The workshop will be taking place on Saturday, November 21st from 2:00pm – 4:00pm in Anderson 208. Reserve your ticket [here](https://www.eventbrite.com/e/onshape-workshop…

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Free Soldering Workshop with the Robotics Club

Come to our free Soldering Workshop this Saturday, October 24th at 2:00pm, hosted by the Robotics Club and ECE department! You’ll learn how to solder together an electronics kit, and even get to keep what you make. It’s completely free, but space is limited, so [reserve your ticket now](https://www.…

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GIM Announcement

Hey Tufts! The robotics club is going to be holding its general interest meeting on Friday, Sept. 18th at 3pm in the new building, 574 Boston Ave in room 404! We’ve got a fun meeting planned where you’ll learn the basics of Arduino programming, electronics & soldering, 3D modeling, and robot de…

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New Site!

This will be the new site for the Tufts Robotics Club. We will be posting information about ongoing projects, competitions and other useful information here.

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Custom Servo library

Last night I wrote up a wrapper for I2C communication with our 2 RMCS-2203 servos. We also set up a github repository which will host and version-control all of our code. I also put our electronics schematics in there. Here’s a link to the repository so you can peek at what I’ve written: https://git…

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Final Iteration of Shield

So I continued work on the shield and changed quite a few things from the last design. First, I decided to move the relays off board and connect them to the power supply with low gauge wire instead of routing power through the board, as I was scared of overheating the board with high current draw (t…

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The gripper in action!

Take a look at our gripper doing its thing: Water is much more effective at creating negative pressure than air, since it’s non compressible. We get much better grip while also moving the syringe less distance, mean…

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Designing the Electronics

(Comment here) Lately I’ve been busy designing a shield for the Intel Galileo which will interface all of our actuators. This includes the linear actuator and three servos. They are all controlled in different ways, all of whi…

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Gravis BlackHawk Joystick

The arm we are building will need some form of control. Since we are cost minded, and we happened to have an old 15 pin gaming joystick laying around, we decided to hack it for our purposes. I was able to search up some pin-out guides for the joystick outputs: http://www.epanorama.net/documents/jo…

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The Quest for the Perfect Power Connector

Our system involves a lot of actuators that are powered off a 12V source. If all actuators are stalled at once, you’re looking at about 20A of current. This demands some pretty beefy wires and power connectors if this worst case scenario ever occurs, otherwise we might burn something. When I first …

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Project Overview

(Comments here) Hey everyone, This blog is where the Tufts Roboticists team will post updates on our progress on our Intel Cornell Cup Project. The Tufts Roboticists team is building a robotic arm in…

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