Sproutel & Jerry the Bear

Jerry the Bear is a smart & cuddly electronic teddy bear that helps young kids learn how to manage their Type I diabetes by counting carbs, monitoring blood sugar and dosing insulin.

In this lunch & speaking event, Hannah Chung and Joel Schwartz of Sproutel will discuss the human-centered design process they used when creating Jerry, some of the engineering challenges they faced, and show off a few prototypes of their life-changing product. You can read more about the inspiration for Jerry here, and watch the awesome video they created below.

Free lunch (pizza) will be provided at noon with a brief look/tour of the new makerspace (equipped with a laser-cutter). The session will start at 1pm, followed by Q&A. If you’re at all interested in product design, prototyping, assistive devices, entrepreneurship, human-centered design thinking or cute stuffed animals, you won’t want to miss meeting this awesome group.

P.S. The CEEO has its own entrance at the front of 200 Boston Ave. Walk down the ramp along the right and you’ll see the protruding door on the left.

P.S.S. If you’re unable to walk to 200 Boston Ave, please let us know by replying to the email you’ll receive upon registering. We can organize a shuttle to the event.

P.S.S.S. A related SWE event with Megan Welker and Hannah Chung will be held in Anderson 208 at 3:30pm.