Making a website: the basics of HTML & CSS

Have you ever wondered what the websites you visit every day are really made of? Look past the thousands of cat GIFs and you’ll discover that websites are actually pretty simple: they’re just a bunch of files, like the ones you see in Finder or Windows Explorer.

The magical goodness of the internet comes from the way these files interact with each other in your browser to create web pages. Every website you visit is made of the same basic components, and in this series we’ll learn how to start bending those components to our will.

In this hands-on workshop we’re going to create our very own websites from scratch using two of the web’s most essential building blocks: HTML & CSS. If you’re easily intimidated by anything that looks like code, then this workshop is the perfect opportunity to help you get rid of that fear - HTML and CSS can be learned by anyone, and we’re here to help.

In order to ensure that everyone gains a thorough understanding of website-making basics, seating at this workshop session will be very limited. Please register only if you know you can attend. If you have to cancel, please let us know so that your spot can be given to another person.

Also, please bring your own laptop (Mac or PC) to the session.

Prepare to look at websites in a completely different way.


Click here to view this workshop’s live slide deck.

Click here for the demo bundle we’ll be editing.


Sublime Text - a great code editor
W3Schools - a fantastic and free resource to learn the basics, one step at a time
Codeacademy - a more interactive way of learning HTML & CSS
Codeschool - similar to Codeacademy
Bento - a collection of places to learn HTML/CSS
HTML5up - a collection of downloadable example sites. They’re slightly complex, but try tweaking them with your own content.