Tufts Maker Network

The Maker Network connects and collects all of the making-related spaces, events, clubs, projects and resources that are available to the Tufts community into one place on the web. Its purpose is to encourage students to learn by making, in whatever way they prefer.

Students of any major or background are welcome to join the network and help build Tufts' interdisciplinary maker culture. Becoming a maker allows students to utilize Tufts' makerspaces, participate in events, and easily capture and share the things that they make and learn from.

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Clubs & Groups

Tufts has several clubs and organizations that encourage and promote making of all kinds. Whether you're looking to join a semester-long project, participate in national competitions, take your ideas to market or simply want to hang out with other like-minded makers, there's a group you can join.

Spaces & Labs

As a Tufts student, you have access to the materials and equipment you need to turn your ideas into reality. Each space is run by knowledgeable volunteer makers, researchers or faculty members who can help you get started, and each space is specialized for certain types of making.

JumboTap terminals in each space allow you to track your experiences and help you automatically document the things that you make.

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Tufts Makers

The most important part of the Network is, of course, makers like you.

The things you make, the events you plan, the clubs you join and the lessons you document are what make the Network tick. All of that activity is bundled up and presented on your Maker Profile page, which allows others to see the cool things you've done and connect with you for more making opportunities.

All of that starts by joining the Network.

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